NRI Marriage

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Global News: Have Honor Killings Spread to the UK?

In August 2010, global news reports indicate that a Briton taxi driver Gul Wazir and his wife Niaz Begum were brutally killed in Pakistan. The Wazirs, who resided in Birmingham, were killed for aborting the marriage of their daughters.

India Legal News: Hindu Wife Can Seek Divorce Even if Husband is Foreign Citizen

As per India legal news reports, the Madras High Court has held that the courts in the country have jurisdiction to address matrimonial cases, which involve Hindus and are governed by the Hindu Marriage Act, including those cases where the opposite party is a foreign citizen, residing outside India.

How Dual Citizenship Benefits Non Resident Indians (NRIs)

Happiness comes when you have a home, one that is your own. It’s no different with your citizenship. You may want a green card in the US for material benefits but when you have accomplished all that you wanted to, the yearning to be in your own home in India may be a part of your conscious mind. For many NRIs, coming back was not practical due to numerous legal hurdles. Still, there can never be a better, happier place than your own home, isn’t it? That’s exactly why Indians across the world welcomed the dual citizenship system introduced in the country. This enables an Indian to be considered as a legal citizen of two or more nations simultaneously.

NRI Marriage: Indian Hindu Marriage Customs & Problem of Domicile

Indian Hindus are typically governed by the marriage customs and Hindu traditions that evolved as part of Hindu marriage law. For the same reason, most young non-resident Indian couples prefer to tie the knot in India so as to conduct it in consonance with the marriage customs that are a part of the Hindu tradition.  Interestingly, a judgment about Indian Hindu marriage customs is reported on March 5, 2010 that has broad legal implications for Hindu NRIs.