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National Voters' Day

The Union Cabinet, on January 20, 2011, approved of January 25 to be celebrated as the National Voters’ Day. The participation of young voters in the electoral machinery has been poor (in certain cases, as low as 20-25%). The cabinet’s decision to celebrate the National Voters’ Day came as an endeavor to encourage young voters to participate in election procedures. An NGO, Youth United for Voter Awareness (YUVA), is spearheading the campaign.

Court Judgment: Unani and Ayurveda Doctors can Perform Surgery

 In July 2010, a court judgment by the Madras High Court held that those who are registered practitioners in Siddha, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani are eligible to conduct surgery. It was held that these qualified practitioners can practice obstetrics, gynecology, anesthesiology, ENT and ophthalmology. 

Legal Workshop Series: Senior Advocate Indu Malhotra on Arbitration in India

 On 31st July 2010, Ms. Indu Malhotra, Senior Advocate addressed the legal workshop on “Administration as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism,” that was presided over by Dr. Justice Mukundakam Sharma, Judge of the Supreme Court of India. It is significant to note that Ms. Indu Malhotra is one of the first women to be designated as Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India. Advocates, students and academicians awaited her inputs at the session with considerable interest and enthusiasm.

Nursing Education: Problems and Legal Rights of Nurses in India

 Nursing personnel play an important role in providing seamless and efficient health care services in hospitals and nursing homes. As per a February 2006 study by Sreelekha Nair and Madelaine Healey, it is indicated that the Indian society views nursing as a “menial, morally dubious, and polluting work.”  

Legal Rights: How to Recover Your Lost Mobile Phone

 In the year 2000, mobile services began in India and people, as consumers, knew very little about Indian laws on using cell phones. . The total Indian cell phone subscriber base, as per reports by Trak.in, totaled at 403.66 million. As per the 2009 news reports, India is the second largest market for cell phones, next to China. So, what happens if your cell phone is lost or stolen? Do you know what to do next? 

Legal Workshop Series: Process of Arbitration in India

 On 31st July 2010, the All India Seminar on Judicial Reforms was held at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. The legal workshop was inaugurated by President Pratibha Patil and Justice S.H. Kapadia, the Chief Justice of India. Several working sessions were chaired by Supreme Court judges along with eminent lawyers as speakers on the panel.

Legal Workshop Series: Arbitration in India and Landmark Court Judgments

 On 31st July 2010, the legal workshop on “Administration as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism,” was held as a part of the All India Seminar on Judicial Reforms in New Delhi. The working session was presided over by Dr. Justice Mukundakam Sharma, Judge of the Supreme Court of India.

Legal Restrictions on International Law Firms in India

 The Union Government has supported the entry of international law firms in India. Further, on August 20, 2010 the Centre told the Madras High Court that barring the activities of foreign law firms in India would be against national interest. Also, a submission was made by the Additional Solicitor-General, M. Ravindran in a counter to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), that was filed by a lawyer, A.K.Balaji.

Indian Laws on Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

 Indian laws on accident claims are quite stringent. The laws were formulated by prioritizing the best interests of the victims and those who are liable to disburse the compensation, such as insurance companies. Indian laws on motor vehicle accident claims are strict but beneficial for victims in claiming their legal rights in a court of law.  

Law Career Options for Lawyers in India

Law career is fast emerging as one of the most lucrative professions. Lawyers in India are held in high esteem, because their services and legal advice are required to help people whenever they face legal hassles or need law advice.

Here are some main reasons why a career in law is worth pursuing: 
  • Growth, knowledge and opportunity to excel in diverse fields of law such as civil, criminal, employment, tax, real estate, and so on.