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Criminal Laws_2493 | Indian Law

Criminal Law

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Supreme Court Mitigates Death Sentence of Two Poor Bandits

Death sentence is a scary thing because there are many hurdles to get it reduced to a life sentence. Procedures, precedents and a host of factors pose as hurdles in the legal process. On February 9, 2010, the Supreme Court mitigated a death sentence pertaining to two bandits, Mulla and Guddu.

Highlights of the Recent Supreme Court Verdict

  1. "These crimes were committed for want of money...we find no reason why they cannot be reformed over a period of time. "
  2. "A criminal who commits crimes due to his economic backwardness is most likely to reform."
  3. "The punishment of life sentence in this case must extend to their full life, subject to any remission by the government for good reason."
  4. What makes this highlight important is the fact that this is the first time the country's highest court has gone on record talking about how extreme poverty leads to the creation of criminals in the society.

The Truth about Honour Killings in India

Since time immemorial, honour killings have taken place in India and been hushed to preserve ‘family honour.’  Studies and news reports indicate that caste based panchayats have also played a part in continuing this to prevent young lovers from marrying from different gotras.