Services for Lawyer

What makes our legal services for lawyers so much smarter is that we help you find the exact legal information that you need to address your clients’ queries fast thereby, saving you effort and time, and making your law practice definitely more competitive to your clients.

Legal Drafting

People with wigs arouse curiosity, suspicion and a general sense of mistaken perception of being odd or unreliable. That’s also happens when legal drafts are rushed off to clients...More

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Legal Opinion & Risk Analysis

You will be amazed to know that people (even the serene and boring ones!) commit bizarre kind of crimes in sleep. Psychologists point to stress and tension as related reasons....More 

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Case Research

When some one tells you that he catches fish using bow and arrows, you can be sure that the world’s best fishermen will disagree because that’s not the right technique! Remember, every fish counts, provided it’s caught the hard way...More

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Proofreading Legal Docs

Nit picking can become a bad habit with real professionals, but we can’t help it. Attention to detail and accuracy are second nature to the LIG team....More

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Creating Legal Profile and Blogs Online

Scientists in Britain spent several decades doing research on why toasted bread, when it slips from a table, falls with its buttered part, facing down. In a highly complex lab, these scientists buttered bread, toasted it and recorded the angle at which it always fell with its buttered side facing down and touching the ground...More.

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SMO for lawyer's profile

In the US, a school principal wanted to be ‘different’ and painted her entire school a shade of electrifying yellow. It tore the school’s reputation to shreds, of course, and she faced countless complaints and legal hassles...More 

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