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Review of Status of 3677 Monuments In India | Indian Law

Review of Status of 3677 Monuments In India

  The Minister for Culture and Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation Kumari Selja has said that every year review of the status of the 3677 monuments/sites of the ASI declared as of national importance is taken up. A number of monuments are identified for taking up structural repairs of special nature. The conservation programme is drawn up accordingly and funds are provided for the same.

In a written reply in the Lok Sabha today she said, for sustained preservation of the remaining sites/monuments, routine maintenance comprising removal of vegetation, maintenance, minor repair works such as patch plastering, pointing, water-tightening, masonry, etc. is also taken up. As a result of such reviews, the expenditure incurred on conservation, preservation, maintenance on the centrally protected monuments/sites in the country during the last three years and the allocation for the current year is at Annexure-I. The details about proposals received from State Governments are at Annexure-II. The details of revenue earned through entry fee on centrally protected monuments/sites during each of the last three years and the current year, is at Annexure-III.


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