Law is Greek Press Releases

 Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 19 June, 2012— Law may be Greek, but what our LIG FB team is doing is definitely not Greek! We have recently crossed 25K fans on LIG’s fan page - (please “like” this page if you have not done so already).

New Delhi, India, January 24: Indian law information site,, announced that it had recorded its millionth page view on January 23, 2012. The site is an endeavor to simplify Indian law for the layperson and provide a platform that connects people who need legal assistance to lawyers across India. The website was launched on July 29, 2010 and within 18 months, the website has recorded 1,007,234 pageviews.  

NOIDA, February 14, 2011:, or LIG, a platform that aims at simplifying Indian laws for the laypersons, has launched a new Facebook application. Known as ‘Jail or Bail’, this exciting new game is played with Facebook friends. It is witty and a lot of fun.

New Delhi, September 10, 2010: Law is Greek, a commendable endeavor in simplifying laws for the common man, launches new features: Legal Updates from Twitter and the Latest Legal News Bulletin. The Legal News Bulletin is aimed at offering readers the latest news from the world of law, and the Legal Updates from Twitter will give readers access to the most relevant, valuable and pertinent tweets related to the Indian law.

New Delhi, August 2, 2010: (LIG), a commendable endeavor in simplifying laws and connecting laypersons to lawyers, launched its new website, on July 29, 2010. The site was developed and designed by Veda Informatics.

NEW DELHI, June 17, 2010: With the purpose of offering unique insights into the legal domain, (LIG) adds a new section to its list. Through the featured series of legal expert blogs, LIG endeavors to connect lawyers with laypersons and other law experts operating all over the globe.