Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Law: Britain To Amend its Criminal Justice System

Britain is all set to amend its broken criminal justice system. In July 2010, the justice secretary, Ken Clark, announced the ‘Rehabilitation Revolution,’ which has the support of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. He has firmly supported the proposal against short sentences. As per the plan which is currently in development phase by the Ministry of Justice, probably the sentence of six months would be replaced by community punishments. Further, top five priorities of the Ministry of Justice include reforms spanning different areas such as revolution in rehabilitation, courts, legal aid, reforms of prison property and restoration of civil liberties.

Indian Penal Code: What is the Indian Penal Code (IPC)?

We often come across the term Indian Penal Code (IPC) in newspapers or television. However, do we know what exactly the Indian Penal Code is and how it works? Indian Penal Code forms the base of the Indian criminal justice system. It is a document that has been formulated to keep a check on all criminal activities.